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From Ohio (by Way of California) to Rome — with a Little Help from the Italian Baseball League — Bob’s Limousines and Tours in Rome is Born. Bob’s Limousines and Tours in Rome got its start in 1988 when long-time Rome resident decided to put his native-English speaking abilities to good use by starting a transportation company for Americans and other English speakers visiting Italy.

Many people visiting Lo Stivale (The Boot) don’t speak Italian and having someone who knows the country well and who speaks both English and Italian fluently can go a long, long way to ensuring visitors have a splendid time during their trips to this most glorious of countries.

Bob has lived in Rome for more than 40 years and now travels between the U.S and Italy yearly. U.S born, Bob came to Italy by way of Southern California after his family moved to California when Bob was 8. A baseball player at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, Bob moved to Rome and finished high school at Forrest Sherman military school in Naples.

An exciting professional sports career soon called in the form of the Italian Baseball League, offering Bob the chance to travel throughout Europe. More importantly, playing pro ball gave Bob the opportunity to travel the length and breadth of Italy many times, learning intimately the streets, the cafes, the shops and the people of Florence, Rome, Naples, Venice, Livorno, and La Spezia, among so many others.

English speakers who hire Bob’s Limousine and Tours in Rome will feel safe and secure. They’ll be able to have someone translate for them, as needed, assured that the translation is accurate. In addition, they can learn about Rome and other Italian cities from a native English speaker with deep, personal experience of Italian life.

Rome Limousines and Tours offers affordable and fair rates, whether you’re looking for private or shuttle services. Contact Bob today! If you don’t know Italian yourself, it’s best to travel with someone who does: Bob’s Limousine and Tours in Rome! Let Rome Limousines & Tours earn your business!


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1) multiple pick ups or drop offs for the same party are not possible on Shared Shuttle transfers
2) multiple flight arrivals for the same party are not possible on Shared Shuttle transfers
3) Shared Shuttle transfer service does not operate on the following holidays: December 25th and 26th December, January 1st and Easter Sunday
4) animal transport of any kind or size are not allowed on shared shuttle transfer
5) you have requested a SHUTTLE/SHARED service so you can divide the cost of it ONLY with the people within your party and NOT with other people using this service who are already in the shuttle!

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