Bob’s Limousines & Tours in Rome has been operating in Rome and throughout Italy since 1988.

Bob's Limousines & Tours operate private tours, shore excursions and day trips all over Italy, giving the best experience to our clients. We offer new experience tours to discover the beauty of our country, from touring Venice on board of a gondola to visiting an old pasta factory in Naples, but also our classical tour for who has never been to Italy before and want to explore the Italian arts, culture and food. If you have only few hours or one week to visit Rome, we will craft a special package all included that will offer you the best time in Rome and all over Italy. Click on the following link to find our more about our private tours:

1) multiple pick ups or drop offs for the same party are not possible on Shared Shuttle transfers
2) multiple flight arrivals for the same party are not possible on Shared Shuttle transfers
3) Shared Shuttle transfer service does not operate on the following holidays: December 25th and 26th December, January 1st and Easter Sunday
4) animal transport of any kind or size are not allowed on shared shuttle transfer
5) you have requested a SHUTTLE/SHARED service so you can divide the cost of it ONLY with the people within your party and NOT with other people using this service who are already in the shuttle!

Office based in Italy – opening hours
  • Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm local time.
  • Saturday 9am – 1pm
  • Sunday Office Closed

From the US and Canada:

  • 3 AM – 11 AM EST
  • 9 AM – 8 AM CST
  • 1 PM – 9 AM MST
  • 12 AM – 8 AM PST